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Make better business decisions with our powerful research results

An insightful report on the intricacies of the payments landscape,
and how it impacts small business owners

The more you know about how consumer shopping habits are impacting the payments industry, the more prepared you are to start or expand your business.

We surveyed 1,000 consumers and 1,000 small business owners to give you a better view into the trends happening within the payments industry and offer advice on how to use this knowledge to optimize your business. Get a jump start on your 2017 business goals with our FREE exclusive research.

Top takeaways for the landscape report are as follows:

  • PLASTIC PAYMENTS such as debit and credit cards are still the most frequently carried payment methods for consumers
  • PROVIDING A RANGE of payment options is now expected of businesses
  • SHOPPING IN STORE is still preferable to buying online for consumers
  • MOBILE AND SOCIAL PAYMENTS still raise security concerns
  • NOT PAYING YOUR SUPPLIERS on time could affect sales and brand reputation
  • SECURITY remains the number one issue for consumers
  • FRAUD PREVENTION can still be stepped up by businesses

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