Salary payments just got simpler and more convenient

Paying salaries each month shouldn’t bring additional stress; when you pay employees using Sage Pay you can relax in knowing that everyone will get paid on time. Make once-off, recurring or batch salary payments, online to all South African banks and account types.

Save time

By using bank account validation, you will avoid unnecessary last minute rejections when processing payments. Have the peace of mind that all payments will be accepted by the banks on payday.

Save Time
Increase Accuracy

Increase accuracy

Accuracy is of utmost importance when making payments, which is why we ensure that you pay the correct bank account every time by using our bank account verification service.

Extra security

To ensure that your account is more secure, you are able to dictate the levels of access, the number of authorisers per payment batch, and use One Time Pins (OTPs) or 2 Factor authentication to authorise payments.


Greater flexibility

Ensure that all your employees receive their salaries on the same day; with our Dated Payments service all your payroll payments reflect on the same date, irrespective of where the bank account is held.

Be in control

Be more on top of things with our extensive reporting and audit trails. Payment notifications ensure you are kept in the loop of every aspect of a transaction.

Save Money

Sage Pay salary payments are integrated into Sage payroll software

We have integrated our salary payments solution into most versions of Sage payroll software to bring you a seamless experience when paying salaries.

convenient to pay

Convenient to pay

Upload payment files to Sage Pay directly from your Sage payroll software for payment.

files are kept safe

Files are kept safe

Payment batches are sent directly to Sage Pay and not exposed on your computer where they might be tampered with.

pay the right person

Pay the right person

Validate and verify bank account numbers as you capture them in your Sage payroll software.

protect your business

Know your employee

A Sage Pay account allows for access to consumer credit checks from multiple credit bureaus.

automated reconciliation

Automated reconciliation

Effortless reconciliation off a single, comprehensive Sage Pay statement.

sage integration feature

Hassle-free integration

A simple link between your payroll software allows for functionality to be instantly available.

Sage Integrated Software

Calculate how much you will save

There are better ways to spend your business’s money than high transaction fees;
use our calculator to find out just how much you will save in year one.

Cost per payment

Payments per month

What does your bank currently charge you per payment?

How many payments do you do per month?

“When I pay creditors via Sage Pay I do it directly from my Sage One Accounting. I simply click on the creditors I have to pay and it automatically enters the amount for me.”


Rachel van Heerden
Accountant, Anzole Farming

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