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Sage Netcash rebrands to Sage Pay

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25 April 2014
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25 April 2014

During 2013, we have been focusing on transitioning to the Sage brand. After a successful launch of the Sage brand in the South African market earlier this year, we are now ready to take another step in aligning with the global Sage business, by rebranding Sage Netcash to Sage Pay.

The payments business is growing in importance for Sage, and currently there are three payment divisions across the three regions. Together they account for 7% of Sage’s annual revenue and this is set to grow.

Current Sage payment divisions include:

Sage Pay Region Europe | Countries: UK, Ireland, Germany& Spain
Sage Payment Solutions Region North America | Countries: United Stated & Canada
Sage Netcash Region: AAMEA | Countries: South Africa

The brand alignment forms part a strategic move to strengthen the presence of Sage Pay in the key Sage geographies. Sage Netcash has a 10 year legacy in South Africa of providing small and medium businesses with salary and creditor payments, debit order collections, credit card gateway and credit data services.  I believe the rebrand to Sage Pay will bring added value to our customers and further align Sage South Africa with our global strategy.