Now you can modify your car!

Refer any business to Sage Pay and earn R500 for every referral that transacts for 3 months!
In addition, you will also be entered into the annual draw for a cash prize of R125 000!

Imagine what you can do with that.

Refer & Earn Step 1

Step 1

Identify a potential Sage Pay customer.

Step 2

Contact Sage with your referral.

Step 3

For each qualified Sage Pay lead,
you will earn R500.

Step 4

Get cash in your pocket AND earn
an entry into the grand prize draw for
each qualified lead.

Monitor your leads every month

We will send you an email every month to let you know how much you could potentially earn from the leads that you refer. Plus have access to our Sage Pay Refer & Earn statement dashboard that gives you a handy summary of the status of all your leads!

Save on transaction fees when you open a Sage Pay account
and take advantage of our Business Partner offer.

Simply enter how many salary and supplier payments you process and what you currently pay per transaction
and we will estimate your monthly and annual savings in your first year.

No. of Payments per month:

Current transaction fee:

Your current spend:

Your Sage Pay spend:

Monthly savings:

Special offer savings:

First year savings:

Need help selling some of our awesome services?

We’ve developed a battle card for two of our services that will help you with the initial conversation about Sage Pay.
All we need is for you to make the introduction, we’ll do the rest!

Pay Now Invoice Battlecard

Click to download

Salary Payments Battlecard

Click to download

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