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30 August 2016
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31 January 2017

PropWorx Client Reviews: Supplier Payments System

PropWorx is a Property and Accounting Management System, that provides a host of management tools to assist Estate Agents, Rental Managers, Property Portfolios Managers and other business in the Property industry, to manage their businesses better.

They offer services and solutions such as Credit Checks, Listing of Properties, Payments, Tenant Statements, all hosted from one seamless system.  PropWorx improves efficiency and reduces unnecessary workload associated with the management of sales and rental portfolio’s.

After starting the use of our Supplier Payments System, they have been getting some really great PropWorx Client Reviews!

Silvana A Pereira, Managing Directors of PropWorx was concerned about the security associated with processing payments for their clients.  “We were worried about our customers leaving the Propworx system, and going onto a different platform to process payments.  We chatted to Sage Pay and together we integrated the PropWorx system directly with Sage Pay”.  The system now manages the payments process, from creating a payment, to actually loading it on to Sage Pay, directly from PropWorx.

The Sage Pay integration into Propworx means that the client can now verify and validate bank account owners all in one system.  “Everything from the verification of the account, to the payment of that account, is done directly from the Propworx system, so everything is managed in a safe and secure environment”, adds Silvana.

Silvana says, “The PropWorx integration with Sage Pay made perfect sense to us.  They are just as passionate about payment solutions as we are about Property and trust management. We found that the integration with Sage Pay was simple, and our clients are simply loving it”.

In closing, Silvana adds: “We recommend that all our Propworx clients make use of the Sage Pay system.  It just makes so much sense to manage the full payment process in one system, and to make use of a reliable payment solution such as Sage Pay”.