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10 December 2014
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9 February 2015

Tenacity and Sage software gives this SME the edge.

Matamela Magodi of Magodi Consultants, is a driven entrepreneur who is determined to grow his business at all costs.

Matamela studied business accounting and practice and knew what he wanted to be when he grew up.  He worked as a bookkeeper after graduating and took to becoming an entrepreneur in 2008.  Unfortunately it didn’t work out and Matamela went back to working for a corporate shortly afterwards.

Matamela shares, “I look back now and understand that I had allot to learn.  I had a lack of understanding of the business world and how to grow your business.  I enlisted the help of a mentor who taught me a few valuable lessons, namely:

  • Learn and know everything about your business,
  • Read a lot – gain as much insight into your industry as possible,
  • Learn first, then earn.

After working and gaining experience in the finance and tax world, Matamela decided to give his business another shot.  He started up Magodi Consultants again in 2012, with four customers.  To build his revenue, he also started doing tax returns for 35 private customers.
Success comes to those that give good service and produce good results.  That is certainly true for Matamela.  His has grown his financial consulting to 43 companies, and now does tax returns for 450 private customers.  He employees three permanent staff members, and has great dreams of growing his business.  “I currently do a monthly turnover of between R70 and R100 000 and would like to grow that to R1 million.  My future growth plans also include an office, a website and a solid marketing campaign.”

In the last few months, Magodi Consultants was awarded numerous contracts that involves paying staff members of his new clients.  “I immediately starting doing research and looking for the best payroll solution in the market.  I had been using Sage Pastel Accounting since 2002, so I knew the solution well.  I contacted Sage Pastel Payroll and signed up immediately”.

“I have been impressed with how easy and user friendly the software is to use.   I click a button and the salary payments are processed through Sage Pay, which means I don’t have to do any administration or manual entries to process the payments.  I never thought of the hassles and stress associated payroll before, but my first experience  working with Sage software, has proven to be a breeze.  It is really easy.”

Matamela adds, “As an entrepreneur, I am always looking at saving costs.  Sage Pay charges me R3-00 per transaction which is really cost effective.  Easy to use software at a competitive price, means that I can really focus on growing my business”.