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Attracted to superior service and personal attention offered by Sage Pay

KGA Life, a national insurance company which was established in January 1999, chose Sage Pay as the preferred service provider to process debit orders and some of the payments.

Notably, KGA Life covers close to a million lives and pay approximately 60% of their claims, within four hours after receipt of completed documentation.

The need

Currently KGA Life processes large volumes of debit order transactions using both standard and NAEDO (Non Authenticated Early Debit Order System) transactions through the Sage Pay system. Wynand Deyzel, Head of Operations, of KGA Life says, “We were initially approached by Sage Pay and at the time we were looking to improve our business processes and cash flow. Sage Pay offered NAEDO transactions, which was a critical consideration in achieving our goal”. Wynand adds, “We also conducted reference checks with other Sage Pay clients to obtain constructive feedback on their service offering. The client response and feedback was extremely positive and prompted us to sign up with them. We have been using Sage Pay services for about two years now and we are delighted with their service offering.”

The implementation and installation

Stephen Oberholzer, Senior programmer at KGA Life adds, “Another reason for choosing Sage Pay was that their system integrated easily into ours. We wanted to partner with a service provider that offered a sophisticated, easy to use and dynamic service that aggregated with us to achieve our business objectives.” Sage Pay understood this and worked closely with KGA Life to achieve their goal. Furthermore, Sage Pay provided KGA with ongoing IT support and backup which was paramount to the success of the integration and the ongoing relationship.

The Sage Pay impact

Engela van den Berg, who processes the collections for KGA Life, has been working closely with Sage Pay. Engela commended Account Manager, Donovan Marais, for his dedicated and excellent service and support. Engela’s says, “Donovan is always there to assist us with all our individual and bespoke needs. He is hands on and we really appreciate his quick and professional response to our queries”.

From Service to Self-Service

KGA Life further attests to the user friendly Sage Pay system. Rowan Maass, a Junior Operations Manager at KGA Life comments, “Engela had to train me on the system and I was amazed at how easy the Sage Pay system was to us. I understood and mastered the functionality within a few hours”. The Sage Pay system has been designed and built with the end user in mind. Ease of use and simplicity allows non-financial managers or administration staff to seamlessly navigate the system without any prior training, from anywhere at any time.

In conclusion

Wynand concludes, “We are very happy with the ongoing personal support and service we receive from Donovan and the rest of the Sage Pay team. Sage Pay assists KGA Life by providing superior service and support to our customers, which is what a partnership is truly all about.”