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Specification affected Change date Short description Detailed description
Programmer guide
Sage Connect
Salary & Supplier Payments
Sage Connected Services 1 June 2017 Style changes Changes styling and style sheets to Sage Mobile brand identity
Pay Now Gateway
Pay Now Invoice/Statement footer 5 July 2017 Function added Added error code (310)
1 May 2017 Functions added Added fields
304 : Additional Accept/Decline text (m10)
202 : Mobile number (M11)
255 : Send SMS for Pay Now invoice Y/N (M12)
256 : Send Email for Pay Now invoice Y/N (M13)
257 : Request token for Pay Now Invoice Y/N (M14)
Sage Pay Statement 2 August 2018 Txn codes added Added Visa Checkout transaction types to “Actual Statement importing” (PVC, PVU, PVR, PVD)
Standard debit order collections (Dated/scheduled service)
Credit card vault tokenisation