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Sage offers a solution to solve your payroll pain points

Make recurring and once-off salary payments online to all South African bank account types with your Sage Pay account or
Sage Payroll software. Paying your salaries with Sage Pay will drastically save you time and money on transaction fees!
It also seamlessly integrates with Sage Payroll software for added simplicity and convenience; read below to see how our
integrated solution solves some of the most frequent payroll challenges:

Manual processes take up valuable hours of your time.

Seamlessly upload encrypted files to Sage Pay, no need to waste time manually emailing payment files.
Bulk validation and verifications save you time by
checking your entire payroll, so you don’t have to do
individual checks.

Human error risks increase significantly with manual processes,
causing incorrect payments and delays in payroll.

Using ID validation highlights incorrect ID numbers upfront. No need to check details outside of the payroll process.
Bank account validation means no more unnecessary last-minute rejects when processing payments. You have the peace of mind that all payments will be accepted by the banks on payday.
Sage Pay will check for errors on upload. This means that you will only authorise payments batches that are 100% correct.

Issues controlling access permissions, securing sensitive data as it’s transmitted,
and verifying authentication?

Bank account verification compares the bank account to your employee’s ID number, so you pay the right employee every time.
Manage risk and avoid internal fraud by checking the credit status of potential employees and those in positions where managing money is key to their role.
Encrypted file uploads to Sage Pay means no more emailing payment files. Email is often unsafe, unreliable, and exposed on the computer desktop.
Session based One Time PINs mean you can authorise multiple batches with a single OTP.

Manual processes take up valuable hours of your time.

Competitive transaction and monthly service fees will reduce your bank charges.

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“With Sage Payroll and Sage Pay, we only need one person to manage the payroll, we have never paid late, and we have seen additional savings to our bottom line.”

Marelize Labuschagne
CFO of Mango Airlines

About Sage Pay

Sage Pay is a leading payment services provider to small and medium sized businesses throughout South Africa. As part of the UK based Sage Group plc, it draws on over 30 years expertise in collaborating with more than 6 million small and medium-sized businesses across 24 countries. We are registered with PASA and regulated by the Financial Services Board.

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