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Sage offers a solution to solve your payroll pain points

Make recurring and once-off salary payments online to all South African bank account types with your Sage Pay account or
Sage Payroll software. Paying your salaries with Sage Pay will drastically save you time and money on transaction fees!
It also seamlessly integrates with Sage Payroll software for added simplicity and convenience.

Challenge 1

Save valuable time

Seamlessly upload encrypted files to Sage Pay.
Bulk validation and verifications save you time by checking your entire payroll.
Challenge 2

Cut out human error

Using ID validation highlights incorrect ID numbers upfront.
Bank account validation means no more unnecessary last-minute rejects when
processing payments.
Sage Pay will check for errors on upload.
Challenge 3

Easily manage risk

Bank account verification, pay the right employee every time.
Manage risk and avoid internal fraud by checking the credit status.
Encrypted file uploads to Sage Pay means no more emailing payment files.
Challenge 4

Reduce costs

Competitive transaction and monthly service fees will reduce your bank charges.
Get your first 3 months’ salary and supplier payments fees FREE!

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