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Property manager chooses Sage Pay for payments convenience

Property manager Eben Kleynhans of Eastern Region Properties says he uses third-party payments provider Sage Pay to pay creditors on behalf of his clients, rather than a bank, because Sage Pay offers greater ease of use and more personal service at lower cost.

“Eastern Region Properties manages about 1,500 units in 32 complexes, for which we collect levies,” says Eben. “Each complex also has a number of creditors such as plumbers, builders and city councils whom we pay on our clients’ behalf.” Eben uses custom-developed property management software, which is fully integrated with the Sage Pay payments system. “It’s incredibly easy — if we create a payment, the rest happens automatically,” he says. “There is no need to create duplicate transactions on multiple banking platforms, so there are fewer errors and it takes a lot less time. No bank offers that service – and the payments cost us less than any bank would charge.”

The integration of Sage Pay into Eastern Region Properties’ own software was seamless, adds Eben. “Our developers found it easy; Sage Pay’s services are very well documented and their support is excellent.”

Sage Pay also handles some debit order collections for Eastern Region Properties, and Eben says the company intends to add Sage Pay debit and credit card payment facilities to its website as well.

“Everything is very quick and easy,” he says. “It would take huge effort to do the same 300-400 transactions a month via traditional EFT.

“My team also loves the fact that Sage Pay is so helpful and available,” he adds.”They all like the fact that you can pick up the phone, ask a question and get a reply right away. The traditional banks will never be able to match that.”