What is a debit order?

A debit order collection is a way for you to collect money from a person’s bank account with their express permission. It is most commonly used to collect monthly subscriptions, premiums or repayments. Sage Pay offers a complete debit order collection software system, enabling you to collect monthly payments from your customers without fuss or time-consuming admin.

Debit order System

Flexible collections service

We offer a variety of services to suit your collection needs, including recurring and non-recurring debit orders as well as same-day or two-day services.

Get paid sooner

Boost your business cash flow, get up to 90% of your collection value paid on the day the debits are processed.

Get paid sooner
Multiple mandate formats

Multiple mandate formats

Businesses are diverse, so we accept multiple mandate formats including voice recordings, paper-based and electronic mandates, which we can store on your Sage Pay account for ease of reference.

Complete collection facilities

Our debit order collection service is designed to process collections from cheque, savings, and credit card accounts.

Advanced collection facilities
Comprehensive reports

Comprehensive reports

Easily track who has paid you and analyse your debit order collections with ease using our comprehensive reports and statistical data. Use one online statement to reconcile all transactions.

Easily recover your debit order unpaids

Follow up on your unpaid debit orders with a quick SMS or email sent directly from your Sage Pay account and get paid faster.

  • Request payment in a matter of seconds
  • Offer 6 convenient ways to make payment
  • Funds go directly into your Sage Pay account
Easily recoup your debit order unpaids

“The ease of debiting clients at a moment’s notice. Not having to go through mountains of red tape, credit applications, risk assessments and sending blood samples to increase our debit amounts.”

Adrian Skorpen
Super Link Internet and Communications

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