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30 August 2016

Cash is on its way out – 6 ways to make sure you’re ready

The cashless economy is almost here. Just last month, the European Central Bank suggested that the 500 Euro note will be eliminated. While the humble card […]
24 May 2016
Computer screen on a desk with lots of sticky notes

Save time by automating the mundane

As a financial manager of a small to medium enterprise (SME), you may find yourself fulfilling multiple roles at once. You oversee salary payments, customer invoicing […]
24 May 2016
Man working in a factory carrying boxes and laughing

How to scale up your business without ‘growing’ broke

“How can I achieve effective business growth?” This is one of the core challenges that any business owner will have to face. In their best-selling book, […]
24 May 2016
Woman making an online mobile appointment via an app on her phone

Going digital: The future of financial services and business payment systems

There are a number of key changes disrupting the financial services industry of late, points out Kosta Peric, Deputy Director of the Bill & Melinda Gates […]
24 May 2016
Man sitting at his desk on the phone laughing

How to delight existing clients while growing your customer base

As an entrepreneur, your business is your lifeblood. Growing and running your small-to-medium enterprise (SME) is what gets you out of bed each morning, while generating […]
23 May 2016
Man sitting at a table with his cellphone

How mobile payments have revolutionised business.

There are approximately 447.9 million mobile payment users worldwide, a remarkable evolution from coins being introduced in 700 BC, notes in the 10th century and the […]