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Simple and secure Salary Payments on time, every time.

Make recurring and once-off salary payments online to all South African banks and account types with your Sage Pay account.
Paying your salaries with Sage Pay will drastically save you time and money on transaction fees! It also seamlessly
integrates with Sage Payroll software for added simplicity and convenience.

Reason 1

Save time

Bank account validation will enable you to avoid
unnecessary last minute rejections when
processing payments.

Extra security

Decide on the levels of access, the number of
authorisers per batch, and use OTPs to authorise
payments and enhance security.
Reason 6

Flexible payment options

All payments reflect on the same date in the
beneficiaries’ account, irrespective of where the
bank account is held.

Peace of mind

Know that you are paying money into the correct
bank account by using our bank account
verification service.

Be in control

Extensive reporting, audit trails, and payment
notifications allow you to be in control of every
aspect of a transaction.

Save money

Take advantage of our reduced transaction fees
when you process salary payments directly
from your Sage software.

“Sage has become a partner to us. The after-sale support is amazing and they have definitely brought additional savings
to our bottom line.”

Marelize Labuschagne
CFO of Mango Airlines

Calculate your first year savings with Sage Pay

Use this calculator to work out how much you will save in your first year with us:

What does your bank currently charge you per payment?


How many payments do you do per month?

“I would have payroll files reject as incorrect bank account numbers had been captured…[and] spend hours trying to track them off an excel spreadsheet. If there is a capture error or an incorrect bank account number, Sage Pay flags the individual errors so I don’t have to search for them. I love the easy to use system and that the salaries are reflected in our staff’s bank account on time, every time.”

Gary Hine
Bookkeeper, Zone Fitness

About Sage Pay

Sage Pay is a leading payment services provider to small and medium sized businesses throughout South Africa. As part of the UK based Sage Group plc, it draws on over 30 years expertise in collaborating with more than 6 million small and medium-sized businesses across 24 countries. We are registered with PASA and regulated by the Financial Services Board.

Our services include:

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Paying salaries could be simpler and cheaper for your business,
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