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I never thought payroll would be so easy one day…

Bayajula is a management and ICT consulting placement agency that concentrates in placing candidates from focused industry within specialist roles. Subcontractors are located in various sites throughout the country, so the demographics of making sure everyone gets paid on time, has always been a challenge.

The Pains

Hope Kheswa, Finance and senior payroll administrator, at Bayajula tells us about the pains of payroll. “When it came to month end, my directors and I would get totally stressed out. We would run around to the various banks to ensure that all our contractor staff got paid on the same day. And given that it was month end, we would have to stand in long queues in the banks for hours on end. We were wasting time driving around and wasting money on petrol.”

The late hours

Too add to the payroll dilemma, the entire batch file would reject if there were any errors. Hope confirms, “You would have to go through the whole spreadsheet and try and allocate the error in the batch. Even if there was one error, the entire batch would reject. This was very time consuming and frustrating. In fact it was a nightmare. The company directors and I would end up working till 23h30 on nights when we had to finalise the payroll.”

Getting out the office

“I used Sage Pastel Payroll & HR software, and attended one of their payroll workshops. At the workshop, they demonstrated how easy payroll integration could be”, says Hope. Sage Pastel Payroll explained how validations via Sage Pay validates and checks the bank account and id numbers details. And any details that don’t match are automatically flagged. Once flagged, errors are highlighted and can be amended immediately.

The benefits

The simple reality of pushing a button to automate the payroll means that Pastel Payroll and Sage Pay does all the work for you. “Our contractors now all get paid at the same time. And funds clear immediately. There is no more stress regarding possibly having to stand in bank queues or waiting for funds to clear”, confirms Hope.

Going forward

“The seamless integration between Sage Pastel Payroll and Sage Pay has made my payroll over month end effortless. It is such a relief, I won’t lie!” concludes Hope.